Literary Orphans

Golden Day by René Ostberg


I wash you with a serengeti paint brush.

I turn the time we had into a rectangle.

Meaning, I give it edges…

then soften it, with savanna light.


We wrestle in the long golden grass.

The earth breathes out ecstatically

clouds of crickets and gold dust.


I turn us into lion cubs.

I turn your gripes into growls

your come-ons into mewls

your gasp into a roar…

then I leave. I go only a short way.


I trot across the plain.

I turn 10 years distance into 10 feet.

I never meant farther than that.


I build a frame of gilded edges around regret.

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René Ostberg is a native Chicagoan who still resides in Illinois. She writes a travel blog called Writing and Wayfaring ( Her writing and photography have been featured at Eunoia Review, Booma: The Bookmapping Project, Literary Orphans, Rockwell’s Camera Phone, Wilderness House Literary Review, We Said Go Travel, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica blog.


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