Literary Orphans

Literary Orphans Issue 40

ISSUE 40: Merry



Letter from the Editor: Gimmie Shelter by Mike Joyce 4 min
Interview with Judy Ryan Hall – Author of “Max Runs”
conducted by Mike Joyce
8 min
Word of Mouth by Robert Libbey 2 min
A Game of Scrabble by Jane Leder 10 min
Finally It’s All Thanks by Jonah Smith-Bartlett 14 min

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J. F. Chow — Artist Profile

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Inflammation by Alice Hatcher 4 min
Sitting Ducks by Kevin Tosca 3 min
Last Things by Lisa Glasgow 5 min
finn by Michael Chang 4 min
Repair Work by Richard Kovarovic 2 min
Into the Morning Light by Steve Bargdill 3 min
Such Alien Shapes Among Us by Gene Albamonte 7 min

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Aunt Suzie and the village by Claudia Serea 1 min
Nostalgic Trains by Claire Trimble 1 min
a witch, on a stake, on fire by Alexandra Epitheti 1 min
Selections from “Spiegel” by Patrick Hurley 1 min
HOME ALONE by William DeGenaro 1 min
Poems by Sierra Napoleon 4 min