Literary Orphans

Literary Orphans Issue 41

ISSUE 41: Georgia



Letter from the Editor: Nobody Sees by Mike Joyce 4 min
Announcement: Submissions Closing for Summer, Re-Open in Fall
Review of Deborah Madar's Dark Riddle by T. L. Sherwood 3 min
(De)Composition: William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops by R J Dent 4 min


Interview with Ron Kolm (Poet, Editor, Activist)
conducted by John Wisniewski
12 min
Interview with Jennifer Harmon (Poet)
conducted by John Wisniewski
19 min

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Artist Profile: Mick McClelland
Artist Profile: Giuseppe Milo

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Eyeholes, Philtrums and Shrunken Heads by Laurie Myers-Bishop 8 min
Hunting: The Epilogue by Anurag Andra 4 min
Thanksgiving by Stephen V. Ramey 3 min
My Mother and I, Reading & But Do I? by Oksana Marafioti 2 min
Blue Snow by Jordan Dotson 3 min
Jane Deaux at The Hair Place by Benjamin Soileau 6 min
Boots by Narjes Azimi 4 min
The Inarticulate by Klara Pokrzywa 3 min

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Two Poems by Michael Chang 2 min
Youth by Phoebe Robertson 2 min
Transfiguration by Raymond P. Hammond 2 min
Two Poems by Brian Rihlmann 2 min
Antonin Artaud: Six Poems & Revolt Against Poetry translated by R J Dent 6 min
I Know What The Caged Bird Feels by Abby Pearson 2 min
Three Poems by Nathaniel Sverlow 3 min
Plucking out Worms by Laura Panopoulos 3 min
Two Poems by Clara Burghelea 1 min
Two Poems by Jacob Aplaca 1 min
Three Poems by Jeremy Nathan Marks 2 min
Two Poems by Jim Jas 1 min
Two Poems by Lanie McLeod 2 min
Two Poems by Megan Waring 2 min