Literary Orphans

Literary Orphans Issue 38

Literary Orphans is a flash fiction, poetry, and nonfiction magazine from the heart of Chicago. The writing in Literary Orphans is a mood more than a style. It’s the nervous glances back at your apartment when you go for a walk without your cell phone. It’s the nostalgia you have for squeaking cassette tapes and Soviet ICBMs. It’s an analog dream in a digital era. The writing in each Literary Orphans issue is an exorcism of the mind of its contributors, and reading the work here is putting up your fists and getting confrontational with solitude–solitude in a world where neon signs are out and LCD billboards are in, a world where you can’t think for following because everyone is doing all the thinking for you.

Get confrontational with solitude. Read Literary Orphans Issue 38: Koko.


Letter from the Editor, Issue 38: Koko by Mike Joyce 1 min
Skeleton Crew, or Publication & Reading Schedule, or You Should Probably Read This 03 glorious minutes
Call for volunteer Readers! Submittable Form (Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction)
Cadillac by Jiye Lee 2 min

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Featured Art

Marcos Lomba — Artist Profile

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General Prose

The Runner by Amie Heasley 3 min
Killer Dinosaurs by Michele Lombardo 3 min
Hunting by Anurag Andra 4 min
Irony by Tonja Matney Reynolds 2 min
Orbital Fracture by Dan Shiffman 7 min
Spooked by Iris N. Schwartz 1 min
THIS IS NOT A DRILL by Erika Nichols-Frazer 2 min
TEEN SPIRIT: At-Risk Teens: A Love Story for Children by Marc Schorin 4 min

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General Poetry

Three Poems by henry 7. reneau, jr. 4 min
"Dissection" & "Ashes to Ashes" by Courtney Cook 1 min
Night Is A Lonesome Animal by John Riley 1 min
Girl Pushed Off Bridge by William Miller 1 min
Three Poems by Jodi Adamson 2 min
"Centering," "Slant," & "Face Value" by Jan Wiezorek 2 min
"Disaster," "Shroud," & "American Way" by Mike L. Nichols 3 min