Literary Orphans

Literary Orphans Issue 39

ISSUE 39: Kim Shattuck



Letter from le Capitaine, Issue 39: Kim Shattuck by Mike Joyce 5 min
HOUSEKEEPING or How to Keep Your House 1 min
Disorder by Nicolas Poynter Roncagliolo 4 min

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Dom Crossley — Artist Profile

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A Crucifix for Forbidden Pleasures
Excerpt from “A Naked Kiss from a Broken Doll”
by Peter Marra
10 min
You’ve Arrived by Kevin Sterne 8 min
Motion Tracking by Lucy Mihajlich 4 min
Dessert by Ranjabali Chaudhuri 3 min
Holes by Bob Lorentson 4 min
Conceptual Wedding by James R. Gapinski 4 min
Betwixt and Between and Mephistopheles by Raymond Luczak 2 min
Closed, fastened, secured by Anita Goveas 1 min
Nocturne in C Sharp Minor by Annika Rao 1 min
Evening by Mike Dillon 2 min
The Major League of Fantasy Baseball by E. L. Diamond 7 min
The Tanto by Robert Staub 2 min
Fantasy by Jeremy Nathan Marks 6 min
Just the Two of Us by Denis Bell 3 min
At the Musei Capitolini, Afternoon. by Jeff Gabel 8 min
“On the way to the bookstore, missteps” by Sarahana Shrestha 3 min
Missing by DS Levy 1 min
Bread or Alive by Daniel Fraser 5 min
The Romantic by Olaf Kroneman 8 min
Our Conversation by Julieanna Blackwell 8 min

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Three Poems by Clyde Kessler 2 min
“You do not need your eyes to see” & “Edges”  by Francine Witte 2 min
Three Poems by Kevin Ridgeway 3 min
Five Poems by Simon Perchik 3 min
"seashells," "that summer, " & "always in love" by Tanya Rakh 3 min
Three Pieces by Michele Rappoport 3 min
Three Visual Poems by J.I. Kleinberg 2 min
"The Virgin Legs & Other Poems" by Ziaul Moid Khan 4 min