Literary Orphans

Marta Bevacqua – Artist Profile

Each photograph in Marta’s collection is deliberate and intentional; it strikes one that you don’t view her stories, so much as you read them. Each image opens up into a fantastic story of it’s own, making you question and wonder and ponder the thought behind the lens. More also, it’s impossible not to take in the vivid settings and backgrounds; be it a the beauty of a lush forest, or the personality of a morning kitchen.

A great boon also to her body of work is the element of costume and fashion; one can’t help but feel like we’re walking the stage of Marta’s life–curtain left, curtain right, and spotlight center we’re drawn to the soulful focus on the camera. When the focus of her photos are caught the composition explores the tension found in reality–making even walking down a street seem fraught and surreal. a mentality only traveled in dreams. The characters in her work are timeless renditions of abstracted emotions and subconscious states of mind that can resonate with anyone from any time period.

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Please check out Marta’s stellar collection of work at her website, MOTH ART, as well as on her deviantART page, and be sure to like her work on Facebook and follow her on Tumblr. We had the great fortune of having her answer a few questions on her future dreams, past influences, and process–please check back here for the interview. She’s available for book covers and other commissions.


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