Literary Orphans

Epistle to a Changeling by Cal Freeman

Dear bright-eyed wantonanastasia_by_marta-bevacqua

The body is preposterous and sad

We lift ourselves from porcelain

After the same retching our mothers

Once mistook for love

Tomorrow the cavalcade reverts

To the tableau it was before I spoke

Before I saw you born

Like a trickle in a dry creek bed

Nobody parades here unless

There is a victory or death

And their horses high-step

Anachronistically into the teeth

Of traffic it’s a miracle life

Gets done at all and it’s no crime

That it is ugly as all of us I rememberanastasia2_by_marta-bevacqua

A season you got so tired of common birds

Singing you awake just as you

Were lying down that blue season

Between autumn and winter I startled

A family of mallards from

Their roost as I read the so-called

Obscenities you scrawled in aerosol paint

Beneath the railroad bridge

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Cal Freeman was born and raised in Detroit.  His writing has appeared in many journals including Commonweal, The Journal, The Cortland Review, and Ninth Letter.  He has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes in poetry and creative nonfiction, and his debut collection of poems, Brother of Leaving, comes out in 2015.  He currently teaches at Oakland University.


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–Art by Marta Bevacqua

–Art by Alphan Yýlmazmaden

–Art by Seamus Travers