Literary Orphans

ISSUE10: Bettie

The Tavern Lantern

Letter from the Editor (Mike Joyce) 3 min
A word on Bettie Page 1 min
YEAR IN REVIEW, OR SUMTHIN’ (Scott Waldyn) 2.5 min
Interview with Michelle L’amour, founder of Naked Girls Reading

5.5 min
Nahum N. Welan - An Odyssey through Seoul 3 min
Write to be Free: an interview with Dr. Emma L. Briant 7 min
Maggie M. Ethridge - Who Will Hold You When You Cry At Night? 6 min
Jesse Myner - In Patagonia 4.5 min
Jamal Lee - We're Not No Good [Featured Teen Piece] 4 min

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Featured Art

Dia Takácsová – Artist Profile
Bostjan Tacol – Artist Profile

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Anna March’s Foundlings
Anna March's Foundlings is a column in each issue of Literary Orphans that is an exploration of who we are as we discover ourselves. It is an ongoing look at aspects of our identity. The column features author conversations and interviews, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and assorted other forms. In this edition, Anna March brings you pieces from Anna Leahy and Anna Short. Please click this link to learn more about it!

Anna Leahy - The Making of a Suburbanite 15 min
Anna Short - Night Swimming Prohibited 3 min

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General Fiction

Elizabeth Jennings - Bridget Barrister 11 min
Dick Bentley - Not There They're Not 5 min
Megan Dobkin - Two Micros 2.5 min
Joel Kopplin - Meth Mouth 7 min
John Taylor - Bonerath's Philosensical Sutras 3.5 min
Katherine Gehan - Two Flashes 1.5 min
Jennifer Chardon - Chalkboard Tally 1 min
Jeff Phillips - The Blood Pressure of a Scuba Diver 7 min
Pamela Ramos Langley - Writing for God 5 min
Caitlin Sinead Jennings - Descent 2 min
Bryce A. Taylor - World Without End 4 min
Rachel Cochran - The Bends 1 min
Coe Douglas - Cliff & Carol 6 min
Brett Puryear - Look into The Eye and Smile, Arethusa 12 min
Ron Burch - I NEED 2.5 min
Daniel Thompson - HA-YA 3 min
Matthew Luhrman - Fire Sale 3.5 min
Richy Campbell - Annexed 9 min
Elly Zupko - Clean 3.5 min
Patricia Abbott - Sticky Fingers 12 min
Cliffton Price - At the Crossroads 1.5 min
Derek Osborne - Raison d’être 4 min
Mike Joyce - I Want to Destroy Things [STAFF] 1 min

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General Poetry

Peter Marra - Atrocities Of The Western World
[Peep-O-Rama Excerpt!] [STAFF]
2 min
Laurel Perez - Endo Metra & Cul-de-Sac 1.5 min
Courtney Marie - awareness 1 min
Emma Kathryn - Happiness & Gold Haze 1.5 min
H. Holt - Three Poems 1.5 min
Joschua Beres - Two Poems 2.5 min
Kambria Vance - Erasure and Other things 3 min
Laura Rojas - Two Poems 1 min
Lucia Cherciu - Two Poems 1.5 min
Matthew J. Hall - Two Poems 1 min
Rachel Haas - Asterisks 1 min