Literary Orphans

Crowleigh by Ariel

lisa-griffin-12Perhaps we lack our purpose

because we have moved too far away

from our natural rhythms, we center


our time around sitting

in an unnatural space

Forty hours a week, telling ourselves


that a job made up is living

while our brains are hardwired

for hunting and gathering, for


raising the young that now we leave

with others, surprised at how disconnected

we are from our life.


I am sure our Eire would wonder

if her children have become pixie-led

by the beaucratic English.


We should have stayed

with the Tuatha de Danann, climbed and hid

in the mists of Corrán Tuathail


Nor should our children

have sailed away, seeking other lands,

seldom to return.


Eiru calls back to us at Galway

and Mayo, her face flashing then disappearing

against the florescent haze.

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Ariel, a Pacific Northwest Poet, has been published in several print publications including Chemeketa Courier,  Statesman Journal, AIM, and the anthology Through Her Eyes , in the online publication Unshod Quills, and has participated in the Salem Peace Mural Project. She is a member of Oregon State Poetry Association, Poetry Writing Collective, Scribe, Silverton Poetry Association, Stayton Second Sunday Series, Unshod Quills Writers Collective, and Willamette Writers, and is a board member of Third Thursday Poets. Ariel is a very active participant of the Open Mics & Spoken Word events in Salem, Oregon & in the Willamette Valley.


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–Foreground Art by Lisa Griffin
–Background Art by Sarah Hardy

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