Literary Orphans

Lisa Griffin – Artist Profile

Model photograph.

Model photograph.

 Lisa Griffin captures a timelessness that we all seek. In creating an issue centered around Ireland & the Irish, we found it unavoidable to stay away from that fantastical element many gaze upon the isle with. Yet we were very adamant that we choose an artist that captured this without leprechauns and rainbows–we wanted an artist who captured the fantastic magic of Ireland not because they read about it and imitated, but because they found a type of magic in their own lives, a life based in Ireland. Lisa Griffin is that photographer.

Her work falls somewhere between beauty and dream, and through her eyes we are instantly transported to a storybook never been written before. Her Each model in her shots acts as a type of protagonist, grappling with their own beginning, middle, and end–we cannot help but invent stories and imagination when gazing at the likes of her mysterious image of a woman with a earthen crown. Her imagery signifies an element to Irish art ranging from Yeats to Wilde, an element that ensnares us even as it vanishes in our digital era.


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We’re so happy to feature Lisa Griffin’s photographs in this issue of Literary Orphans! Please be sure to check out her Facebook Photography website here–and don’t forget to visit her personal photography website as well.

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