Literary Orphans

baby, baby by Hillary Leftwich


I want to fall in love

with someone who promises

to catch me

before the wind pushes me

right over the edge


Swears it’s the sugar in my tea

that makes it taste funny.


Tells me baby, baby, sshh

they know this road and its curves

like the back of their hand

while my curves rest

in their hands

as they let go of the wheel and promise

to swallow me whole.


Keeps a light on for me

in their apartment in Cap Hill

where the trans woman named Queen

hung herself

from broken nylon stockings

with a torn heart.


Where we spend our nights

knotting the bedsheets

while the meth head upstairs

vacuums the carpet away

before blowing her brains clean.


It’s easy to stand

on the concrete ledge

of the balcony,

the perfect size

for stiletto heels

still wobbling

from whiskey and cokes

the night before.



Promise me

there’s no wind,

the weather is perfect

for a stroll

around the ledge

of a balcony

in early morning.


Hands soft as pavement

as they push,

a voice thick as air

between my legs


baby, baby, sshh

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Hillary Leftwich is co-host for At the Inkwell, a NYC based reading series and organizes/hosts other reading events around Denver. Her writing can be found in print and online.

hillary leftwich

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