Literary Orphans

Two Poems
by Laura Rojas


The way things look from under here

everything about existing


a thank you letter

that we try to figure out

by bouncing from

one sunny corner of the universe

to another

the morning is madness

the afternoon is madness

the evening is the kind of madness

we ask for

when we call each other by name

night time is a smoky substance all on its own

and sometimes I have to speak sentences out loud

just to hear them settle in the air around me


“wait a little longer; we’re on our way home”

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City bird

_____city bird

__your feathers are heavy with rain

silver and grey thread

__bound between each one,


soft drizzle of miracle water

in my hair, between my fingers


___someone else’s hand

_____slow dribble thin stream

___the smoky feeling of toronto

__in an overcast october

–you were here when you were born


___the long, drawn out pressing of keys

like speaking voices woven through song

__reminds me so badly of you

___so miserably, lovingly


___oh, city bird

______my city bird


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Laura Rojas is a 19 year old from Colombia, currently living in Toronto, Canada. Her work has appeared in online blogs, local zines, and an Anthology released via the Poetry Institute of Canada. Currently, Laura is avidly designing and releasing little chapbooks of her poems to sell around the city, as well as writing for Fresh Print Magazine and being on the editing team for The Continuist–a student-run zine at Ryerson University. She dreams of publishing her own book, saving the amazon rainforest, and owning a Corgi pup.
Laura is in love with everything, so she writes about it.

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–Art by Dia Takácsová