Literary Orphans

Three Poems
by Joseph Faria


New York

Times Square

A city street

A woman holds her breath

But life pushes her ahead where

The roads are endless and

Faces blur in a flash of traffic lights

She moves on red

Horns blare, mouths scream

She smiles knowingly

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January’s frost white face

A frigid grin

Not unlike

A shunned lover’s embrace

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We always end up here

Floundering in the overgrown weeds

Below the Ferris wheel

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JOSEPH M. FARIA—first book of short stories FROM A DISTANCE was published in June 1998.  He has also published a collection of poems THE WAY HOME, and a children’s book THE POLAR BEAR WITH WISKERS. His poems or stories have appeared in NEO, The Rhode Islander, Snowmonkey, Temenos, Riven,  Zoetrope All:Story Extra, and a Glimmer Train Finalist for 2001 and 2004. He has another collection of stories to be published in October of 2014.

He lives in Cranston, RI with his wife Sandra, and their dog “Josie”.


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–Art by Simona Capriana