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Simona Capriani – Artist Profile

joSimona Capriana is a photographer based in Italy; she has many talents, and specializes in industrial videos. The work we feature here is very stark and unique; ranging from crisp lines in the rain to a whimsical and high-spirited evaluation of the world around. One of my favorite photographs we feature of her work, is a snapshot of two young kids on a streetside storefront, gazing at the wares while an old woman sits behind an open window, mere feet from them. The old woman appears like a bored teenager, chin resting in hand, idly surfing her iPhone. It’s this unique eye that I feel best summarizes the fantastic work Simona does behind the lens. When looking from her point of view, the world appears absurd and magical–at times when browsing her portfolio I felt as if I was walking in a photographic Dali landscape.


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Our many, many thanks to Simona for letting her use so much of her brilliant work. Please visit her deviantART page and become a “watcher,” we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Also be sure to check out the very brief interview Simona did with Literary Orphans, to get a glimpse into what makes her unique mind gravitate to the wonderful shots she takes.


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