Literary Orphans

Interview with Simona Capriani

1) What sparked your interest in photography, and when did you know you would pursue being an artist?

Currently I’m a videomaker specializing in industrial videos. I came to photography for the need to add to the video sequence made ​​in time-lapse (a kind of photographic technique). From that moment the photograph is a constant companion of my life. Started out as a blogger in 2002, then working as a television writer for Italian television. Perhaps at that moment I realized that I could pull out my artistic side.


2) What other art forms have influenced you and your work?

Surely writing, cinema, painting and music


3) Can you describe your current artistic process, habits, techniques you have formed?

Before starting a project work (video) I write what I want to tell, what are strengths and what are the shots. For the photograph it is all instinctive.


4) Is storytelling important in your photography?

Through my photographic narrative fragments of life, faces, gestures sometimes daily relationship of shape and space (city)


5) What are some of your favorite books, poems, authors?

I love young writers, as all I’ve read Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, but in recent years I like to read the thriller genre.


6) Where do you turn for motivation and new sources of inspiration?

The road and the people are the source of my inspiration.


7) What is your opinion on the role of community and gallery showings, etc to growth as an artist.

Yes, they are extremely important. It ‘s way to get a comparison of different perspectives and learn to share passion.


8) What do you think is more important for your craft: passion,  dedication, or raw talent and can you elaborate on why?

I think there is a basic raw talent, passion is the drive, then the dedication and tenacity to improve.


9) What is a project, or theme you are currently working on, or something that is currently taking your attention, that you are aiming to explore in your work?

The photographic project I’m following is a community of farmers.Sports Shoes | 『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧