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TEEN SPIRIT: D A R K by Malvika Jha

My appearance, does it repel you?

Tattoos, leather, piercings, spikes?

Why do you judge a warrior for their armor?

When you haven’t seen them fight?

My darkness, does it scare you?

All those voices in my brain?

Are you scared they might come after you?

When it’s me they drove insane?

My silence, does it stun you?

Every unspoken word?

Is it odd that I’d rather conceal my words?

Than be bigoted for what is heard?

My desolation, does it disgust you?

How easily I’ll lift the knife?

How I’d rather exist in a better world?

Than be shunned for my way of life?

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Malvika Jha is an aspiring, teenage poet and author from Eastern Canada. Her work embodies human emotion and portrays her unique outlook on life. Malvika hopes one day to be recognized worldwide for her work. You can find Malvika on Twitter at @malvikajha_

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–Art by DML