Literary Orphans

Room 6: A Gallery of Thirsts by Peter Marra


Persephone opened the slick

magazine. shiny photos. shiny photos

of copulation relaxed her frantic

heart. the palpitations were arrested and a warm shroud

enveloped her brain. junk pussy/cock hallucinations in a

film noir entered between her legs

she drooled as the victims passed by

a soft mesh existed between her sex organs and the window


and she couldn’t stop what was happening

and she couldn’t stop what would happen

and she could never stop what had happened


as she flung a pomegranate at the window

just to see glass crack

she was expert at providing sexual services

inappropriate behavior defined by death sentences

let’s operate illegally


prostitutes are at liberty to pray

he was decapitated as he dressed

craving the early phases of her body

it was used very well for the price.


for everything else

the punishment shall be a form of the body in vapor


how badly do you want to live?

a facial denial

a blossom crashed / a slice

for reasons explained in a public spanking

on the hostesses’ meat machines


it was the cue to begin an explicit sex scene

as they shed their tails,

grinning from beneath her lashes

it began by simply mouthing, ending with pounding contractions

behind an oscillating red wall


fingers were removed because

of the deformities of the digits

she threw out her self-portraits and

luxuriated with the interviews of traumatic amputees


Persephone opened the slick

magazine of blank pages

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A native New Yorker, Peter continues to reside in New York City.

His earliest recollection of the writing process is, as a 1st grader, creating a children’s book with illustrations. The only memory he has of this project is a page that contained a crayon drawing of an airplane caught in a storm. The caption read: “The people are on a plane. It is going to crash. They are very scared.” A Dadaist and Surrealist, Peter Marra’s writings explore alienation, addiction, love, secrets, and obsessions. He has had over 200 poems published either in print or online in over 25 journals. Peter’s latest published work is

approximate lovers (downtown materialaktion) published by Bone Orchard  Press:


Peter’s e-chapbook Sins of the Go-Go Girls, was published in 2013 by Why Vandalism? Press:

peep-o-rama available as a Kindle Edition at Amazon:…/dp/B00GVM4QQU

Peter Marra

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–Art by Mario Mencacci