Literary Orphans

Lust Plays Itself Out In Our Own Backyard by Peter Marra


now, itself voided:

she hates the light

just loves the barbed spike

that way it pierces then clings on the pullback

the red blossom of the boot

make her pay for america

when reincarnated, she gave me a kiss

(don’t make me fade)


7 years before, in autumn:

thank her for a conscience that re-experiences

painful replacements


want you. to look. want to learn.

(she said slowly)

libido could produce neuroses in the bourgeois

(she said slowly)


itself, in summer:

laying on the floor excited

thousands wanting to meet your

infomercial depicting torture gardens

that area where the death by 1000 cuts occurred

finessed to death by orgasm followed by

orgasm yet again


she smiled. her tight black silk gown moistened by her fluids

as she continued her tales

stories of what she felt between her legs and how

she would punish him for eliciting her fears

making them become flesh

look between my thighs she said

i harbor the missing pieces secreted deep inside

it’s all pretend. a mirror cracked.


friction, in winter:

see any part of her as

a charming toy

send me sex she demanded

as proof that it happened organically

followed her hard

a perfect find

a natural chemistry

get herself off fast


don’t re-experience painful or traumatic episodes

just the things from a void

character assassination and

annihilation of moral guidelines

u.s. food fuck and forth from one side

was given around the room

pussy with a hot liquid


pain, in gentle spring:

dissolve a conception of her mind in her body

being completely worn out

clitoris now left, an insulated belly.

slowly the vagina welcomed it

lips fluttered. a confrontation

she contemplated this position

it can be used to ease

or be used to fuck

she wasn’t sure

still sealed off


opening his mouth wide

to receive fluid

pre-cum that dripped from orgone accumulators

(parental figures)

sphere of the life function

death of a


retake dripping

she grinned

as she recycled her victims

to make the past return as

an old friend

to serve to the masses

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This is an excerpt from  approximate lovers by Bone Orchard Press.

Orig­i­nally from Gravesend Brook­lyn, Peter Marra lived in the East Vil­lage, New York from 1979 to 1993 at the height of the punk / no wave / art and music rebel­lion.  Peter has had a life­long fas­ci­na­tion with Sur­re­al­ism and Dadaism, he also cites Roger Cor­man and Russ Meyer as influences.

His ear­li­est rec­ol­lec­tion of the writ­ing process is, as a 1st grader, cre­at­ing a children’s book with illus­tra­tions. The only mem­ory he has of this project is a page that con­tained a crayon draw­ing of an air­plane, caught in a storm. The cap­tion read: “The peo­ple are on a plane. It is going to crash. They are very scared.”

Peter’s writ­ing explores alien­ation, addic­tion, love, lust, the havoc that secrets can wreak, and obses­sions, often recounted in an oneiric filmic haze with a taste of the grind­house. He wishes to find new meth­ods of descrip­tion and lan­guage manipulation.

Peter has had approx­i­mately 200 poems pub­lished in print or online in jour­nals such as Caper Lit­er­ary Jour­nal, Danse Macabre, Main­tenant 4 and 5, Yes, Poetry, Lit­er­ary Orphans, The Car­nage Con­ser­va­tory, Car­cino­genic, Cal­liope Nerve, Unlikely Sto­ries and Why Van­dal­ism? He has work in all 3 of the Have a NYC short story anthologies from Three Rooms Press.

Peter has had the following chapbooks published: the ebooks Sins of the Go-Go Girls by Why Van­dal­ism? Presspeep-o-rama by Hammer and Anvil Press (available at, and the recent print publication approximate lovers by Bone Orchard Press.

Peter Marra

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–Art by Marina Ćorić