Literary Orphans

Happiness & Gold Haze
by Emma Kathryn



I called you

Across a great divide

Echoing loudly

Cracks appeared in me

It wasn’t long before I was reduced to a bare husk


Why have you proven so elusive through my life?

The door closed

When I was twelve

It was like my spirit slipped out


I have you, sure,

But to feel your presence I have to work

I have to jog

I have to clean up my plates


I have to make sure my dresses are neatly lined up in the wardrobe

Otherwise I can’t have you

I have to rise at the right time every day

Or I miss you


I have to clean the toilet

Otherwise I don’t see you

Well, happiness, it would be nice if you winged by

Before my anxieties got out of the way.

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This gets into my soul

It screams at me

Where are the cold gusts of wind?

I yearn for frost

And I will never forget that one leaf

That I plucked off a tree

When I was a child

In it I could see all the promise

Of the year

That had been;

That would not be


And then, with a shiver, it worried out of my hand

It seemed to be singing

If only I could hear that song


If only we would remember every beetle, every pattern, every gust of wind

If only their lives are not in vain


I’m only one thing after all

But I do long for the cold harps of autumn

For the full berries, and the dying leaves

For the cold chill

And please, let my heart

Taste this now

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Emma Kathryn has a B.A. in Art History and English Literature from La Trobe University and has studied Professional Writing and Editing at Peninsula Tafe.  Her work has been published by Melbourne Spoken Word, Little Raven and Theatre People.  An actress, writer and singer, she has appeared on tv shows such as Neighbours, Blue Heelers and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and in five Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.  Emma performed her one-woman show The Adventures of Celie during the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival as part of KoLABorAYshun.  Further information can be found on her Facebook page.

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–Art by Dia Takácsová