Literary Orphans

Chernobyl’s red carpet
by Marius Surleac


we are Chernobyl’s children empowering with

immaculate blooms through biosphere’s crux

we grow as sovereigns glooming the most when

we ripen like a grape in the sunlight

when the rain falls beyond the rainbows


we saw this coming, above

like a wind with detailed shape & groans

so touching & so smooth shading

our dreams with a bark from our

tree of elders


we saw butterflies saying no, to the cocoon,

immersed in the psychedelic legions of maggots

drinking dew drops on top of the filaments


we snaked under the throwaway seals

decades ago

our fears still shone in the dark

seconds ago

& each index dives in obituaries

at the fountain of youth

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Marius Surleac was born in Vaslui, Romania. He is a physicist and doing a PhD in Bioinformatics.

He publishes poetry in journals like Pif Magazine, MadHat Lit, Prick of the Spindle (forthcoming), Poetry Bus (forthcoming), Miracle, NTM, Pure Coincidence (forthcoming), 94 Creations, Posit (forthcoming), The Strip, The Ofi Press, Bare Fiction, Dear Sir, Mad Swirl, Uut, Poetry Super Highway, and others.

He published his first poetry book “Zeppelin Jack” at Herg Benet publishing house, in 2011.
He translates into Romanian, poetry by Marc Vincenz, Valzhyna Mort, Fady Joudah, Peycho Kanev and Julie O’Yang.

Marius Surleac - photo

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–Art by Marina Ćorić