Literary Orphans

Bloody Soup by Lucin Chukhadarian

hundred years, and moreman-streetlamp-charlie-simms

crackling voices unheard, relics flaking away,


tongues tied to  swords,

in time, martyrs on pages weaken,

histories carried away by the reckless drift

of tranquil river,

______reflections of dead red eyes,

stare back.


______as I stand over an unearthly caldron worthy of iron

My paper ladle

melts, dripping soup,


sons cut down in half, sisters scared with familiar



land spreading thin under their bare feet.

children swallow sand, parched,


untouched by sharp blade

skeletons weight down my arms.


no one listens.

____________no one cares.

We are still searching for our trumpets.

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Lucin “Lu” Chukhadarian recently graduated from the University of Southern California, Northridge after deciding to leave school thirty years ago to raise her own family. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband of 28 years. She also has a son and a beautiful terrier mix. Lucin enjoys writing and is in the process of working on a series of short stories she plans on publishing soon. With a creative mind and being as ambitious as she is, Lucin plans on tackling many literary projects with her extensive background in playwriting. Her most recent play has been selected to be performed on stage within the coming weeks.


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–Foreground Art by Charles Simms

–Background Art by Mario Mencacci