Literary Orphans

Bang, Bang by Claire Ibarra



Bang, bullet to the temple

Temple walls crumble

Crumble the body

Body of decay

Decay of muscles, tissues, joints

Joints bulge and swell

Swell and erode like a river

River rushes and pounds

Pounds on a hollow drum

Drum of a landside

Landside devours the inside

Inside is birth.


Birth, don’t cry­–­fight­–pull the trigger

Trigger empty space of quiet

Quiet the voices of disdain

Disdain the negative

Negative void­–black hole–of space

Space of a two-dimensional hologram

Hologram of the universe that scientists now say only reflects a third dimension and

theories prove it’s true

True to thy self

Self-delusion is safe

Safe as any drug

Drug the impulse

Impulse ignited the Big Bang.


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Claire Ibarra is a writer, poet, and photographer. Her poetry has appeared in many fine literary journals and anthologies, including The Midwest Quarterly, Words Dance, Pirene’s Fountain, Thrush Poetry Journal,Cahoodaloodaling, and White Stag. Claire has worked with nonprofits, teaching poetry to incarcerated women in Florida. She is currently in the MFA creative writing program at Florida International University.

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–Art by Joanna Jankowska