Literary Orphans

by Courtney Marie

Art by Dia Takácsová


a strange man’s strange name

on a strange piece of paper-

i confess

i have never wanted so badly

to drown someone.

to meet someone

in that dark alley

and run, get caught,



we are rolling

homemade cigarettes

on the front porch

of my childhood.

we choke on my father’s

sister’s ashes.

we have to believe

she fell asleep at the wheel.

you wring your hands

on barbed wire

talking about rocking horses

and broken pistols.

i look like i am listening.


there is nervous dancing after

a whiskey colored sundown.

a sensation

of swimming,

of drowning.


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Courtney Marie is a writer currently residing in Denton, Texas. Her poetry, stories, and photography have appeared in various blogs and magazines, such as Disembodied Text and Austere Magazine. She is an avid reader and book collector, a great cook, musically inclined, and a cat person.


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–Art by Dia Takácsová