Literary Orphans

Aqueasitte by Brittany Warren

Docile midnights

count to twelve

on her helix,

x (1)

serial H2O opps

on her metropolis–


linear ducts and


(steam punx)

rip birthy dialects

into her soft,

tear-itchy aqua lung–


lights beat-skip like

Orion’s orifice,

improvisational constellations

are moist blinks

for the Engineer Eels loving

the drain–


blood is general cameo

cubed by stringy suction throats

upon her withered toes–

(general equals pale)

(bored girly Casper)

(no exciting spatter,)

she foils in end dot.

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Brittany Warren is a twenty-four-year-old university student. She adores strong, pale, unconventional literature—and wants to study it, marry it, buy it coffee. In addition, Brittany is a proud member of the International English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta. When the time comes, she will petition to compose a senior thesis in literature, and present it at an academic conference. Until then, however, she will study and aspire until the moon collapses on itself.

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–Art by Mario Mencacci