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“Ain’t the Same Lush I Used to Be” and “Who lives?” by Sara Natale

“Ain’t the Same Lush I Used to Be”

We blazed through our youth in bile,
blood of the barfly.
Cracks in the porcelain-
spitting out white lightning,
catching the reverb.
Couch, floor,
cough up blood.
Ambiguous talk of an ambulance
met with a stern
“No, I’ve done this before.”

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“Who lives?”

Fear, like
unforeseen danger,
is both intangible
running red-hot
inside your skin
like the river of Styx,
abound in wild paranoia,
sheltering you from imminent doom,
the cutting line inching ever closer.
The sight of demons lurking beneath
the force of abandoned time.

Blood rushes to the vital organs,
body takes over,
rationale weakens,
primal nature ensues.

I am a beast with
no locus of control.
I err on the edge of
sizzling life,
I am ablaze on the darkest of nights.

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Sara Natale is a writer from South Florida currently living in San Antonio, Texas. Along with poetry she also writes short fiction, creative non-fiction, and prose. She is currently working on several projects including a series of short stories and a collection of poetry.

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–Art by Chelsea Sturgill