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Chelsea Sturgill — Artist Profile

“A very receptive state of mind… not unlike a sheet of film itself – seemingly inert, yet so sensitive that a fraction of a second’s exposure conceives a life in it.”

The first time I came across this Minor White quote almost ten years ago it just hit me. It put into words this idea I couldn’t quite put my finger on – that regardless of the amount of time that passes between a photo’s creation or how old it grows, that slice in time is preserved. Each second that passes becomes part of the past but if the photo exists, the moment lives on.

I suspect that a huge part of the human fascination with photography or certainly my fascination with photography at the very least is that it gives us a chance to combat helplessness as time marches on and we experience loss and change. It’s why we hold onto photos of good times with friends and lost relatives. It’s why we photograph weddings and birthdays. Life is fleeting so what I’m really concerned about at the release of the shutter is capturing something tangible and timeless.

That said, you won’t find any particular theme in my photographs other than light maybe. I will point my camera at anything and everything. I do hope however that when you look at my photos you understand them from the above-described point of view and remember to seize the moments in your own life whether that be through photography, paint, reflection what have you. We only have one shot.

My name is Chelsea Sturgill. I went to CU Boulder for a degree in sociology and I am currently based in Denver enjoying the sprawling cityscapes and mountains. I work for the City & County of Denver and run a small photography/videography business on the side (