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Zak Milofsky – Artist Profile

Zak-ProfileZak Milofsky is a new era for Literary Orphans, and someone we should all have on our radar. This young, Dublin based artist was short-listed for the Irish Times Monochrome category for this image here, and is there any wonder why? Zak is an artist who is proficient in illustrations, water-color, photography, and plays with short animations such as his profile image to the left. His work is the closest we’ve ever come at Literary Orphans to fulfilling our mission to examine the liminal space between terabyte digital life and humanity.

I can not express how thrilled I am to showcase so much of Zak Milofsky’s work. His work, in every medium, tells a story. Zak has a very particular and I find very unique way of blending form and telling a story with his work. One minute we are watching an animation of an eye rolling back and forth, the next the nuances of a vibrant wrench smearing reality. Even in Zak’s direct photography. we see he often goes one step further, using fish-eye lenses at expertly chosen angles or using time-lapse photography. Not to mention Zak’s blending photography with props such as dissected teddy-bears and the innards of washing machines. The viewer gets the distinct impression that nothing is posed, nothing is static–instead the world is forever marching on and we’re given one man’s look at his experience–not just his sight–but his experience of a particular moment.


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Our endless loyalty and thanks to Zak for allowing us to feature his amazing work–so much of it you will find here. Yet this is only a fraction of it–there are many more jaw-dropping pieces on his personal website that you must check out. I am serious. Do it now–you won’t regret it. Due to the limitations of LO’s form–and I have a feeling Zak would slap me for saying any form is limited–we were not able to feature some of his more unique and inspiring work, as we were faced with the challenge of tethering the visual and written art.Please also check out Zak’s Flickr, which features a few pieces not on his personal website as well.

Please be sure to check out the interview Zak did with Literary Orphans, to get a glimpse into this sharp creative mind!


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