Literary Orphans

We’ve been HACKED, The Tavern Lantern is Temporarily Down

Hello Dear Readers and Gentle Hearts,

We’ve been hacked by Russians. We’re launching a probe to investigate which of you out there are colluding.

OK so that second part about the probe isn’t true, but the first part is. Earlier in the year, at the end of January and very beginning of February, we were hacked. All our sites went down: Literary Orphans (the site you’re looking at now), the Rookery sites, and The Tavern Lantern (our inter-issue nonfiction site). We were able to get the other sites up pretty quickly (within the day), but it appears the hackers wiped The Tavern Lantern.

What does this mean? It means a headache. In the short term, it means all new Tavern Lantern pieces and acceptances will be posted here on the main journal website. In the long term, we are working with our web-hosting provider to get things back up, however it will take us a little more time. We’re looking at things holistically here as well–there might be an opportunity to make some other updates in general to our layout while we’re at it. If we must rebuild a large portion of The Tavern Lantern, then we are considering different options as we go forward. Like the great Chicago fire, maybe this is an opportunity for us to build something better and fresher (and without wooden sidewalks).

Thank you all for your patience with this–we’re working on it!

In Solidarity,
Mike Joyce
Director, Co-Founder