Literary Orphans

Victoria Audouard – Photographer


portrait_d__hiver_by_victoriaaudouard-d5fr453The photography of Victoria Audouard has the effect of lulling you deeper and deeper into a visual rabbit hole of whimsy.  The aesthetic she explores in much of her work captures the essence of a series of fairy tales all her own.  As a native of France she combines polaroid, silver emulsion photography and digital photography to explore the subconscious realms in her photographs.

Many of her portraits are obscured with a variety of different  choices, and as viewers we are left wondering about these coy subjects a visual metaphor, perhaps, that you can never truly know someone outside yourself, or never truly know yourself for that matter.  Often, these women are portrayed in an active manner, as though they are in motion, unable to sit still, and ever changing.  When the heroines of her photos are caught in a moment of stillness the composition explores the peace often found in absurdity a mentality only traveled in dreams. The characters in her work are timeless renditions of abstracted emotions and subconscious states of mind that can resonate with anyone from any time period.  The finish of her photography with its blur and vignette effect gives each piece an ethereal and softly vintage, if not storybook quality. There is a playfulness about Victoria’s style that is sweetly magnetic and draws you in to explore the eerie and strange fluttering sensations of the human heart.

We can’t tell you how lucky we feel to exhibit the photography of Victoria in this, the anniversary edition of Literary Orphans. We encourage everyone to become followers of her work online.  To see more of her portfolio or contact her professionally, please visit Victoria’s professional 500px artist portfolio, or her deviantART profile. We interviewed Victoria to discover, in her own words, more about her work, which you can read here, in her interview with Literary Orphans.



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