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I Want by Ingrid Buck



I want lilacs to bloom in the dark of January

but get a writing friend in New Zealand where it’s summer.


I want to steal somebody’s Valentine in February

but get to visit my 90-year-old mother instead.


I want March winds to stop roaring with lions

but merry wind-chimes console me.


I want to mend the broken stems of April flowers under snow

and my son gives me my first grandchild.


I want to go cross country on vacation in May

but stay home to witness the judge marrying my son.


I want a long cool nap on a hot June day

but watch six warring hummers at the feeder instead.


I want rain to fall on the parched garden in July

that gives radish, spinach and green peppers for a salad.


I want to take an August walk in the snow

but watch clouds of butterflies alight on the hydrangeas.


I want strawberries to make jam in September

but the fruit stand has a quart of juicy peaches for shortcake.


I want a hummingbird to visit me in October

but get a kaleidoscope of falling leaves.


I want my family over for Thanksgiving dinner

but get their cat, Radar O’Malley, when they visit the in-laws.


I want a live tree to plant after Christmas

but it dies in short sleeve shirt weather with daffodils blooming.

sun salutations in shadow

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Ingrid Bruck lives in Pennsylvania Amish country, a landscape that inhabits her writing. A retired library director, she writes short forms and poetry. Current work appears in Unbroken Journal, Eunoia, Peacock Journal, W.I.S.H and Entropy. Published poetry appears at:

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