Literary Orphans

Thin Mint Work Day by Benjamin Miller

Magdalena Roeseler-Piano

“cut all the cantaloupes, honey dews, and watermelons.

pick all the grapes. don’t complain. don’t let the citrus

get in your cuts. drink eight Budweisers to get your daily

allowance of water. be discreet about pocketing

quarter tips.”


I sit in the room making fruit salad.


the penitentiary is for tourists

billboards tell golf course jokes

remember, revenge is possible


“get on that machine, follow Gary, don’t let that old fascist

scare you, rake the edges of all 78 sand traps on the course

watch out for faulty irrigation.”


I sit on the back of the Sand Pro, sneezing


the ancient river lit up with fast food glow

after work, I drive to a punk show


I walk in the farmhouse not wearing the uniform

through cigarette smoke I see, on stage:



men singing of




syringes – about Gaia.

the guns, meth, and genocide, of her


rumors of fratricide, matricide

inadequate storage cortex

onset paralysis


pretending to like

the music I nod and leave

let them see me

disappear into the corn field

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Benjamin Lawrance Miller grew up in Wheeling, West Virginia and currently teaches composition and creative writing at Queensborough Community College (CUNY).  

Benjamin Lawrance Miller

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–Art by Magdalena Roeseler