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TEEN SPIRIT: Fireflies by Morgan Almasy

Fireflies in cupped palms

Hold tight,

not too tight

They need air


Light of bugs

absorbed into

open hearts


Sealed in jars,

the glow reflected in our eyes



scamper to my room like the beast

you are,

fall asleep, jar alit beside you



when you wake

The gold will stay,


wings will not flitter,

he will give light

until it takes him


But will it be worth it

Or should you let go?

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Morgan Almasy is a rising junior at Red Bank Regional High School in New Jersey. She is a creative writing major and studies under Dr. Gretna Wilkinson. Almasy has attended the creative writing summer camp at Interlochen Center for the Arts for the last two summers, and this year was awarded the Fine Arts Award for poetry at the camp. She has been recognized by Scholastic and has previously won a gold key, four silver keys, and an honorable mention. Almasy has previously been published in Blue Marble Review and Moledro Magazine. She hopes to study marketing and creative writing in college.  


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–Art by Magdalena Roeseler