Literary Orphans

Teacher Ain’t a Teacher No More, Boo Well, Some Anyways by Jacklyn Janeksela


it is a storm the size of a mother fucking country of an empire of

her hugs that send baby off to the war zone, school zone

playground, what’s that sound –someone’s pen clicks and the

teacher yells, get down, he’s got a gun, she didn’t even

get a good look at him because she avoids eye contact with

the black and brown children

don’t believe me, i saw it in a documentary

and the white lady teacher said, i realized wasn’t making eye contact

with them and i wasn’t sure why, but that armed baby she chalks

an outline for is the size of Africa, her eyes pinpointed non-light

but that baby just wanna learn and be big enough

to read real history written by his grandma, not yours


it is the storm the size of a mother fucking fist of my friend’s earrings

the ones she bought in Florida where she’s studying Black Studies

bite the bitten piece and make it a whole, she’s not playing anymore

strong is them five fingers, strong the merchandise among

those selling books written by black hands, a hand that farmed and

cultivated this here plot just so one day it could bury you

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Jacklyn Janeksela can be found @ felled limbsOddball MagazineThe Nervous BreakdownBerfroisBarrelhouseUut PoetryPig LatinThought CatalogLuna MagazineTalking Book, Three Point PressDumDum MagazineVisceral BrooklynAnti-Heroin ChicPublic PoolReality Hands, Mannequin HausVelvet-TailRequited Journal Word For/Word.  she is in a post-punk band called the velblouds. her baby @ femalefilet.  more art @ artmugre a clip.  she is an energy.


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–Art by Ashley Holloway

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