Literary Orphans

Sine Qua Non by Tanya Singh


The matted coils of her hair mending the glossy balm,

Slipping stealthily into the pit fire of vegetable crackers,

She stitches herself before stitching the ironed clothed,

(To eat only as little as the mice in the attic)


  1. Clothing

Into the ocean her funeral pyre, singing the home-

Coming of warriors, warble the lullaby in pretence,

She coyly surmises the battle in her fake laughter,

She readily paints the battleground over her body,

Broken, 10 bones and all knees,

             (Melting into the ground, all expenses covered)


  1. Food

Whose likeness is likened to the coldest dish served,

Praying our dead mothers are euphoric as the loud

Sounds emerge from the bottom less pit of her

Stomach, sniveling like the ghost in the graveyard,

           (Revenge is the sweetest platter on the table tonight)


The chili was sweet like separation of autumn,

Drifting into the nether land, floundering the ocean,


  1. Shelter

Is the idea lost in the hurriedness of everything,

(she loses everything for everything),

The mounds of the dead are majestically cunning,

The graves are ironed and covered in love, six inches,

And 3 feet deep, her pink Cadillac doesn’t fit,


And before letting everyone know why everything

Sucked, she thanked god knows why for dying

of old age, instead of war,

(Instead of war).

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Tanya Singh is a seventeen-year old from Chandigarh, India. She is an author whose work has recently appeared in Teen Ink and Dear Damsels. She serves as the Blog Editor for Moledro Magazine, and a First Reader for Polyphony H.S. She is a Youth Blogger at Voices of Youth (a UNICEF based platform). A Redefy Team Member, and a Goodwill Ambassador from India for Postcards for Peace, Tanya earnestly believes in the power of creative expression to bring a positive change into the world. 


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