Literary Orphans

Sarah Connor by Andrea Blythe


Our Lady of Self Determination


The future is a machine

grinding down upon you


In dreams

you burn with nuclear flame


The mechanism of your heart

is pumps and valves


The present is a paradox

a shifting landscape


Time travelers come paired

killer and ally


The mechanism of a gun

is hammer and powder


Your son is a cat in a box

alive and dead


You are a cog

in the machine of the world


In dreams

the black road is clear ahead


Fate is fact

you will always deny

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Andrea Blythe writes poetry and fiction with a speculative bent. Her work has appeared in several publications, including Yellow Chair Review, Nonbinary Review, Linden Avenue, and Strange Horizons. Her work was nominated for Independent Best American Poetry and Sundress Best of the Net in 2015.


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–Art by Kaia Pieters

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