Literary Orphans

Refugees by Pitambar Naik

That day when our boat hit the hope-shore
We met the barbed assurance at gun point
Our fate again clutched the back gear
On the stormy front.

The dream of heaven was like a minor pregnant girl
Bleak and baleful
A lazy siesta and bitter hunger was the talk of our eyes
We carried our coffins
Toward the deep waters cemetery.

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Pitambar Naik grew amidst paddy fields hearing heartrending folk songs and playing kabbadi in Odisha in India. He toils hard and sweats as a copywriter with words and colours in an advertising studio for a living and dreams audaciously to be a writer. His woks have appeared in The New Indian Express, Hans India, Occulum, Bhashabandhan Review, HEArt Online, Coldnoon, Spark Magazine, CLRI, Indian Review, Wordweaver India, Indian Ruminations, Brown Critique, Galaxy-IMRJ, Tuck Magazine, Indian Periodical, Phenomenal Magazine, Metaphor, Dissident Voice, Muse India and elsewhere. He can be reached at


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