Literary Orphans

Reflecting on a Speech by Don Steadman, Author of ‘Victory in Isolation’, by Robert Crisp

“For most of my misty life, I’ve applied

a certain technique for escaping squalls

and storms and other uncertain weather

events—a heaving of the chest, a gray

look in my eye, a checkmark in the category

of Keep Your Fucking Shit Together–and may

I say that I’ve avoided practically everything.”


We all took diligent notes by hand except

for those brown-nosers who whipped out

computers and typed like their sad lives

depended on speed, word count, and accuracy.

Hell, looking back, maybe it did, at that.

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Robert Crisp lives in Savannah, GA, where he teaches English. His work has appeared in Literary Orphans, Rat’s Ass Review, and other publications. Learn more at

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–Art by Steven Gray

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