Literary Orphans

Progeny by Gayle Newby

Moving in and moving out from where it started.

A southbound boat from Campbeltown,

sown as the deepest seed, blood of saints, blood of slaves.

One chose the cloth, one chose the plume of  summer’s brew,

the vaunted weary

till of ground in fierce albion hills.

Today it rests in limbo, madness seared with gospel,

pretending to be real.

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Gayle Newby has been published in the Hiram Poetry Review, Passagers Journal and Gravel.  Her work is forthcoming in deComp, The Santa Fe Literary Review, and After the Pause.  Gayle has worked as a teacher and as a librarian.  A long time resident of Mississippi, she now lives and writes in Utah.


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–Art by Kaia Pieters