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Piotr Mamnaimie – Profile

Piotr Kaczmarek (Mamnaimie Piotr)’s¬†photography spans a spectrum of emotions–at times humorous, at times dark, at times objective. Yet always Piotr’s work is candid, giving us a unique look into the lives of his subjects by capturing intimate moments and at times making a moment. In one photograph we see two boys on a bike, one staring off to the side–the other–brow furrowed, looking straight at the camera. You can see the photographer’s mark in the boys–showcasing their attitude. Yet in another photograph, of a man showering before an open window, the camera’s presence is so removed from the image that the viewer almost feels like a narrator, hanging over a story. Similarly in a final image I’d like to showcase–we see several young men and women, dressed up, in what appears to be a storage crate. They are huddled together, looking down, puzzled. Much like the man in the shower this scene continues a theme of Piotr’s, of his subjects faces being unseen–furthering the viewer’s sense of presence.

Piotr is a master of setting and space, placing the viewer squarely in the image. Light and contrast connect and interweave with scenes, putting the viewer in a different time and place. We would like to thank Piotr for contributing his photographs to this is. Be sure to head on over to his social media and give her page a like! You can find his work on Instagram, and on his Flickr website. Please also look below to check out the three photos mentioned above, as well as all the photos used in this issue (#34) of Literary Orphans Journal.


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