Literary Orphans

Literary Orphans Issue 34: Rosalynn

Literary Orphans is a flash fiction, poetry, and nonfiction magazine from the heart of Chicago. The writing in Literary Orphans is a mood more than a style. It’s the nervous glances back at your apartment when you go for a walk without your cell phone. It’s the nostalgia you have for squeaking cassette tapes and Soviet ICBMs. It’s an analog dream in a digital era. The writing in each Literary Orphans issue is an exorcism of the mind of its contributors, and reading the work here is putting up your fists and getting confrontational with solitude–solitude in a world where neon signs are out and LCD billboards are in, a world where you can’t think for following because everyone is doing all the thinking for you.

Get confrontational with solitude. Read Literary Orphans Issue 34: Rosalynn.



ISSUE 34: Letter From The Editor 1 min
A Self-Guided Tour of the You Museum
by Benjamin Brandenburg
4 min
Hammer Hard; Nail Tough by Lucy M Logsdon 6 min
Megalomania Under Control in Fitzcarraldo by George Saitoh 9 min
Quickshot Review: Gunmetal Blue by Joseph G Peterson 1 min

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Featured Art

Piotr Mamnaimie – Artist Profile

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General Fiction

Spitting Distance by Caitlyn GD 2 min
The Difference Between Flying and Falling by Christopher M Drew 5 min
Sweet Potato Baby by Sarah Bradley 3 min
Doctor Grin by Dan Tremaglio 1 min
Rainy Sunday in May by Mary Lynn Reed 1 min
My Unmaking by Amber Keller 4 min
Beneath the Whale-Shaped Shadows by Rachel Taube 1 min
Scented Handkerchief by Samuel J Adams 1 min
"Hey there Haruki, sorry to interrupt your run" by Valerie Fox 1 min
S/kin by Anita Goveas 1 min
All the Girls Are Hurting by Juliana Crespo 4 min
Vamsi by Nikki Martinez 2 min

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General Poetry

Meanwhile in Romania by Claudia Serea 1 min
Rocks by Joe Bisicchia 1 min
[fringes] by JT Wilson 1 min
Star Side Down by Nathaniel Sverlow 1 min
The Majestic Waves by Dakota Canon 1 min
Hay, we're on fire! by Elizabeth Morton 1 min
You, Me, and 1959 by Benjamin Blake 1 min
Maiden Voyage by Nate Maxson 1 min
Dear Ruth by Danny Earl Simmons 1 min
2017 Hurricanes Wreak Record Damage by Diane Popenhagen 2 min
Muffled Whispers by Verity Cartwright 1 min