Literary Orphans

Literary Orphans Issue 31: Harryhausen

Literary Orphans is a flash fiction, poetry, and nonfiction magazine from the heart of Chicago. The writing in Literary Orphans is a mood more than a style. It’s the nervous glances back at your apartment when you go for a walk without your cell phone. It’s the nostalgia you have for squeaking cassette tapes and Soviet ICBMs. It’s an analog dream in a digital era. The writing in each Literary Orphans issue is an exorcism of the mind of its contributors, and reading the work here is putting up your fists and getting confrontational with solitude–solitude in a world where neon signs are out and LCD billboards are in, a world where you can’t think for following because everyone is doing all the thinking for you.

Get confrontational with solitude. Read the latest issue.


The Tavern Lantern

ISSUE 31: Letter From The Editor 3 min
Meg Tuite Interviews and Reviews Michelle Reale 12 min
Of Pinafores and Satin Bows by Cyndy Muscatel 15 min
Meg Tuite Interviews Scott McClanahan 15 min
We Need Your Help! Art Editor Position 0 min

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Featured Art

Magdalena Roeseler

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General Fiction

Home Made Woman by Meg Tuite 3 min
Measurable Hours by Tara Isabel Zambrano 3 min
Skip, or Maybe Dakota by Chelsea Harris 2 min
Floaters by Paul Beckman 3 min
Seep by AJ Atwater 3 min
A Vastness Made of Velvet by Ryan Bloom 1 min
Takes One to Know One by Ajay Tulsiani 3 min
Post Scriptum by Ashley Kunsa 7 min
Baby Names by David Flynn 2 min
Not Your Parent's Bedtime Story by Madison Lindy 8 min
Positive Test by Cameron Dezen Hammon 6 min
Mission Accomplished by Roberta Levine 9 min
Her Story by Benjamin Drevlow 7 min
Bendy Bone by Jenna Lyles 3 min
The Dark Mysteries Surrounding My Death by Thomas O'Connell 2 min
Tender by Hun Ohm 3 min
If It Comes in Pink I Want It by Celeste Hamilton Dennis 5 min
Daisy May in the Driveway by Cameron Mitchell 7 min

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General Poetry

Lunchbox Notes to a Daughter Unborn by
Danielle Lea Buchanan
2 min
The Owl in the Courtyard by William Miller 1 min
Thin Mint Work Day by Benjamin Miller 1 min
Zero Tolerance Heaven by Keith Welch 1 min
Broken Bones by Rachael Gay 1 min
When I'm Depressed I Buy Books by Madison Lindy 1 min
Portrait of Narcissus by Arja Kumar 1 min
How It's Done by Gerard Sarnat 1 min
Iterations by Jesse Minkert 1 min
Miles Away by M.C. St. John 1 min
Enlarged to Show Detail by Andrea Jefferson 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Fireflies by Morgan Almasy 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: The World is a Wolf Who Wears Sheep's Clothing
by Hannah Lanier
1 min