Literary Orphans

Literary Orphans Issue 30: Shirley Jackson

Literary Orphans is a flash fiction, poetry, and nonfiction magazine from the heart of Chicago. The writing in Literary Orphans is a mood more than a style. It’s the nervous glances back at your apartment when you go for a walk without your cell phone. It’s the nostalgia you have for squeaking cassette tapes and Soviet ICBMs. It’s an analog dream in a digital era. The writing in each Literary Orphans issue is an exorcism of the mind of its contributors, and reading the work here is putting up your fists and getting confrontational with solitude–solitude in a world where neon signs are out and LCD billboards are in, a world where you can’t think for following because everyone is doing all the thinking for you.

Get confrontational with solitude. Read the latest issue.


The Tavern Lantern

ISSUE 30: Letter From The Editor 2 min
Ray Nessly Reviews Crossing the Lines 3 min
Little Warrior Brother by Gabe Keith 13 min
We Need Your Help! Art Editor Position 1 min

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Featured Art

Milton G. (Paradise Found) - Featured Artist
Xavier ( - Featured Artist
Nicu Buculei - Featured Artist

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General Fiction

Unbecoming by Jessica Cooper 3 min
Awake by Emily Larkin 3 min
Athenians of the South by Theodore Yurevitch 4 min
Wolf Weather by Fiona Hurley 8 min
Penelope and Odysseus by Cezarija Abartis 2 min
At Work by Steven Dunn 2 min
BoyJoe by Theodore Van Alst 6 min
Welcome to the Machine by Boris Glikman 2 min
Their Wings Outstretched and Wide by Melissa Goode 1 min
Broken Thing by Tom Whalen 1 min
Where Did Your Long Hair Go? by Alejandro Vasquez 3 min
Smoke by Ajay Patri 4 min
Phone Sex With a Trump Supporter by Clint Margrave 3 min
Leaning Mannequins by Niamh Finnegan-Roberts 1 min
Eddie and His Jobs by Fred Guyette 6 min
Note by Elissa Soave 8 min
Disowned Daughters by Thea Swanson 3 min

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General Poetry

Through the Sea Black as Tar by
Slavica Turinski-Lazić
1 min
Hibakusha by Rene Harrison 1 min
Stay Green, Ponyboy by B. Diehl 1 min
Twin Sisters by Toti O'Brien 1 min
Burnt Birthday Cake by Isadora Gruye 1 min
Windowpane by BanWynn Oakshadow 2 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Sine Qua Non by Tanya Singh 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Inheritor by Daniel Blokh 1 min