Literary Orphans

Literary Orphans Issue 28: Tesla

Literary Orphans is a flash fiction, poetry, and nonfiction magazine from the heart of Chicago.The writing in Literary Orphans is a mood more than a style. It’s the nervous glances back at your apartment when you go for a walk without your cell phone. It’s the nostalgia you have for squeaking cassette tapes and Soviet ICBMs. It’s an analog dream in a digital era. The writing in Literary Orphans is an exorcism of the mind of its contributors, and reading the work here is putting up your fists and getting confrontational with solitude–solitude in a world where neon signs are out and LCD billboards are in, a world where you can’t think for following because everyone is doing all the thinking for you.

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The Tavern Lantern

ISSUE 28: Letter From The Editor 3 min
Fragile Things by Janine Canty 8 min
2016 Year End Top Ten by Alex Schumacher 7 min
So Much Wishing & Packing at Christmas by Kelly DuMar 4 min
2016 Year End Top Ten by Meg Tuite 3 min
Airplane Lady by Kathryn Brostowitz 10 min

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Featured Art

Jon Damaschke - Featured Artist
Ed Wojtaszek - Featured Artist

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General Fiction

Love, Mandy by Audra Kerr Brown 5 min
Trashcan Buddha by A. S. Coomer 9 min
The Usual by Sam Gridley 3 min
At Risk by Victoria Melekian 2 min
Brujas en la Iglesia by Lauren Lavin 4 min
Along the Route by Susan Tepper 4 min
Villagers of the North by Bijoyeta Das 3 min
Ebb and Flow by Yousef Hakimi 4 min
This Little Piggie by Katherine Seluja 2 min
The Angler by Ahaa Jan 1 min
Laundry Day by Natasha Leullier 2 min
Cooking For One by Jennifer Worrell 3 min
We Are Not Erasable by James Kennedy 3 min
Mice by Ashley Roth 4 min
Refugee Circus by Stephen Frech 2 min
Seeing Sarah, Sarah Seen by Dylan Taylor 4 min
The Hoarder by Marlene Olin 4 min

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General Poetry

Lower Left Side Underground by Robert Gross 1 min
Crack a Brew by Mick Kulp 1 min
Down with the Ship

by David Sullivan

1 min
Ceremony by Marianne Peel 1 min
Find Out My Sullen Shadow by Sandeep Mishra 1 min
Orlando by Anuja Ghimire 1 min
Reaping Dreams by K.D. Rose 1 min
The Asking by Ava C. Cipri 1 min
Morning Lesson by Merridawn Duckler 1 min
The Stag by M. J. Arlett 1 min
Fundamental Throw by Jesse Minkert 1 min
Free Haircut by Larry Narron 1 min
Brother's Eulogy by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow 1 min
The Big Fuss by Nathaniel Sverlow 1 min
Myrtle Beach Tides by Lee Landau 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Constellations, For My Father by Sophia Menconi 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Indigo by Margaret Schnabel 1 min