Literary Orphans

Literary Orphans Issue 27: Tiptree

The Tavern Lantern

ISSUE 27: Letter From The Editor 3 min
Do You Still Play with Dolls? by Julia Strayer 2 min
The Metallic Click by Edd Jennings 6 min

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Featured Art

Ashley Holloway - Featured Artist
Felix Lupa - Featured Artist

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General Fiction

Sisters by Shannon Perri 8 min
Family Album by Jayne Martin 1 min
Stuck: A Very Brief Horror Novel by John Talbird 7 min
Heartwood by Eileen Merriman 1 min
Green Sky by BanWynn Oakshadow 2 min
A Blue Moon by Anne Anthony 4 min
Charlie by Jenny Butler 5 min
Our Lady of Sorrows by Angie Pelekidis 3 min
Ronnie in the Sink
by Joseph Walters
2 min
.NSA by Patrick Donovan 2 min
The Codex Veritatis by Molly Etta 8 min
New Life by Rudy Koshar 4 min
Don't Ever Leave Me. Don't Ever Go. by Lauren Becker 4 min
Love Story by Melissa Ostrom 1 min
Bees and Roses by Ronald Jackson 4 min
The Man with the Scottish Accent by Wayne McMahon 8 min
Welcome to Your New House! by Matt Ftacek 2 min
Vicenzo by Digby Beaumont 1 min
I'm Going to Adopt Donald Trump's Hair by Tom Connor 2 min
Everybody Poops by Levi Noe 2 min
The Budding 90s by Mahesh Nair 7 min
Paralegals by Todd Mercer 4 min
Bryan Kissing Asphalt by Bob Shar 8 min
What People Call Slow by Liz von Klemperer 7 min
In Another Life by Brianna McNish 2 min
Search Party by Ralph Pennel 3 min

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General Poetry

Day with No Alarm by Rodd Whelpley 1 min
Harum Scarum by Saira Viola 1 min
Teacher Ain’t a Teacher No More, Boo Well, Some Anyways

by Jacklyn Janeksela

1 min
Embellishment Point by Zev Torres 2 min
No Provenance by Margaret Wack 1 min
River by Will Hollis 1 min
Monster Psalm #8 by Melissa Atkinson Mercer 1 min
Murder Bouquet No. 1 by Gary Priest 1 min
With the Drumbeat by Nathaniel Sverlow 1 min
Mansion by Kurt Baumeister 1 min
Sunday School by Natalie Crick 1 min
Jaded by Danny Earl Simmons 1 min
As If by Allyson Jeffredo 1 min
Predatory by Elizabeth O'Brien 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Anne by Richa Gupta 1 min