Literary Orphans

Linguistics by Samantha Terrell


A nearby baby cries, my heart’s nerves

Reach out longingly

To console her,

Then retract,

Resuming the practical.


He jumped up

To help an elderly man who’s falling. I’m relieved

Though my own actions got stuck;

Words are caught in,

Bits of dried-lip skin.


An Hispanic

Couple doesn’t dare cross the cop

Who gave them a ticket,

Though it’s obvious

They were not at fault.


She pats

The politician

On his pompous back

For accolades

Received (and only given, it seems) by the vain.



My monolingual tongue’s

Great muscle-mass

Made brittle, stiff, is broken, doesn’t speak.

But my multilingual heart rarely fails to listen, see.

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Samantha Terrell is a contemporary American poet from the Midwest (U.S.A.), whose work emphasizes emotional integrity and social justice. Her poetry has been published in a multitude of in-print and online chapbooks, journals, and e-zines including: Algebra of Owls, Anti-Heroin Chic, Dissident Voice, DoveTales, the Ebola Chapbook, Knot Magazine, and others. Her e-books can be found on and her first in-print book, Diffusing the Tick-Tock, is forthcoming from Local Gems Press (Long Island, NY). Find more information at:


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