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The Land by Mick Ó Seasnáin


‘land of Burning River

and Blackout

that sour the palate

of strangers and natives,

let us sup

that homemade milk,

that bitter nectar,

sharing sweet barbeque

on the warm, dark curb


‘land where Hope grows

by the streetlights

and in the RTA seats

as red grape vines in the fields,

drink and eat

with rock and roll

pouring in the windows,

hot, sweet salsa

on plates and dance floors


‘land brimming with life

where Stationwagon Saints

rise from the ashes

of factory smokestacks,

paragons alive

like liquid steel,

hometown heroes

kicking down doors

of corrupt captors,

born and raised

in red dust and lake breeze


‘land fiercely loyal –

here, women and men,

know the weather

will change in minutes,

adamant lovers

of wine and gold,

brown and orange,

red, white, and blue –

resolute, uncalloused

by seasons of want


‘land green with peace,

The Forest City

whose rapid terminals

are ancestral roots

running deep underground,

tendrils of freedom

rusty crimson like iron ore

after a belting snow,

and after gray winter

Dawg-woods blossom

a fragrant, towering bouquet


‘land flowing

with unbroken harmony,

from street car bells

to string orchestra,

in every Bone,

every sweet-voiced child,

the thirst for song

rises over every lock gate

pouring over towpath

and by-pass


‘land of unfailing belief,

kickin’ like Owens

on the golden bricks,

windmillin’ like Bron

electrically charged,

slingin’ like Feller

right down Broadway,

bein’ like Hanks,

in the Globe.

Callin’ from 216

through 440

to 330


we have faith

in God

In Country

and in The Land

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Mick Ó Seasnáin has continually attempted to farm his quarter acre lot in the small town of Wooster, Ohio while catering to the diverse and often unanticipated needs of his tripod-ish dog and three feral-ish children.  His lovely wife tolerates his creative habits and occasionally enables his binge writing.  Read more of his work at

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