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Karamelo — Artist Profile

Karamelo Bio PicThere’s a mysticism in Karamelo‘s work, a sense of wonder and amazement hidden in each photograph. What makes this artist unique is his ability to take the every day, something we pass on our way to and from work, and give it a breath of air that tells us, “This, too, is alive.” In the gallery below, readers will notice a lot of structures. Some of these structures are weathered and masked in darkness. Others carry with them a subtle touch of color, something that stands out. In either, Karamelo, who combines his artistry with a background in architecture, has found a way to make us do a double-take. Are we staring at an old building, or is this old building staring at us?

There’s a mystery buried in each one of Karamelo’s pieces, one that we hope evokes a certain mood of curiosity when paired with this issue’s fiction and poetry selections. As these photos do, we invite our readers to take a closer look, to pontificate at what’s subtly lying underneath that veil. There’s a story there somewhere. We just have to dig to find it.

For more on Karamelo’s work, please VISIT his site: 

What sparked your interest in photography, and when did you know you would pursue being an artist?
As I remember myself, I liked to draw (since I was a kid). What about photography… Well, coming of the first digital cameras sparked my interest. It’s a bit strange, ’cause now I love film
cameras with their inimitable picture WAY more.
What other artists and art forms have influenced you and your work?
I always liked to look at paintings of the great impressionists. I spent a lot of time leafing through books with photographs (mostly old, mostly by American, European and Japanese camera men).
But also I feel enriched by a communication with my friends, artists and photographers. And besides Art and Photography, it’s my architectural education that has influenced me and my work.
Art, Photography and Architecture are the parts of the whole thing for me, and it’s a kind of prism built in my head, through which [I’m] watching life.
Can you describe your current artistic process, habits, techniques you have formed?
I use both film and digital cameras, or combine old school Soviet manual lens with digital cam. Then, I use computer and some software for post-processing.
Is storytelling important in your photography?
Yes, [the] technical part [of photography] is important for me, but the most important part is a conceptual one. But I can’t say that storytelling (concept) is the only important thing. I believe in a balance between
an idea and a graphical language.
What are some of your favorite books, poems, authors?
I’m fond of Japanese haiku. Their minimalistic (yet capacious) language inspires me.

Where do you turn for motivation and new sources of inspiration?
Yesterday it was a full Moon. Watching it, I felt happy. Isn’t it Magic?

Discuss the role of community and gallery showings, etc to your growth as an artist.
I’m so thankful to my friends, artists and photographers who watch me. Sometimes it [was] their comments that made me understand something, sometimes collaborations.
Nowadays, it’s not important where you live —  you can find [like-minded] people from all over the world. All thanks to Internet communities. So, I don’t understand some closed communities (like Russia) where people
prefer to limit themselves to local social networks. It reminds me of a cage, where you are a Prisoner of your own free will.

What is a project, or theme you are currently working on, or something that is currently taking your attention, that you are aiming to explore in your work?
Well, it’s a good question. I’m mostly focused on abstracts. But lately I feel I would love to explore People. One day, maybe.. 🙂


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