Literary Orphans

J. F. Chow – Artist Profile

J. F. Chow was born in Mauritius, Africa and moved to Canada when he was 19. His simple childhood and his simple life, playing soccer until dark and out of reach of any sort of video games, may be what contributed to Chow’s incredible eye for the small details in life’s wonder. He currently resides in Toronto but can be often found traveling around the world. “The idea of being free & feeling safe is important to me since I love photography [speaking in reference of loving to travel in SE Asia]. I love wandering around & getting lost….just looking for interesting things to shoot at. Photography is an art form. I like it in the sense that it takes just a few secs to take a pic, unlike a painting or sculpture that could take months to finish. I like photography because it allows me to capture unique moments. I have the eye for it & see things from a different perspective & angle.” No matter where he goes, he makes sure to capture a picture of the day, which you can find on his instagram: jf88888888. Be sure to check out the rest of his work!


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