Literary Orphans

ISSUE16: Houdini

The Tavern Lantern

Letter from the Editor 16, The Police Belong to Me 4 min
BLACK THOUGHT: African American Writer ISSUE
1 min
Mastering ART AND CRAFT – Scott Waldyn Reviews Oscilloscope’s Latest 4 min
What is Found, What is Lost by Anne Leigh Parrish
– Book Review by Mike Joyce
5 min
Meg Pokrass: The Interview, by Teri Lee Kline 16 min
Fireflies & She Gave Me Her Words by Gloria Garfunkel 6 min
5 Minutes with Jesse Michaels
re: Whispering Bodies: A Roy Belkin Disaster by Mike Joyce
5 min

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Featured Art

Jan Rockar – Artist Profile 1 min
Plamen Stoev – Artist Profile 1 min
Joel Hohner – Artist Profile 1 min

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Anna Short’s Foundlings
The Foundlings column was created by Anna March as an inquiry into identity. It exists to ask questions. I think of it is a dissection, an exploratory surgery, an eager interrogation of our insides. What is our make up? How did we come to be? The concept of one’s identity is a strange thing, curious and uncomfortable and out of reach. This edition of The Foundlings features non-fiction pieces that seek to shed a little light on the parts of us that exist beneath the surface. Deborah Pintonelli gives a stunning recount of childhood in Chicago and the decision to leave her mother. Paul Zolbrod leads us on an exploration of long-term memory and the common ground he shares with Navajo elder Ch’ahádiniini’ Binálí. DeVan Burton discusses the effect of loss and what it is to be a two-time orphan. Each work is an honest and important guide through the bits of us that often seem impossible to navigate. Many thanks to these talented writers and what they've shared, to Literary Orphans for giving The Foundlings a home, and to Anna March for her confidence and encouragement in this endeavor.

Editor's Note: Anna Short's Foundlings is a column that runs in each issue of Literary Orphans Journal; an exploration of who we are as we discover ourselves. It is an ongoing look at aspects of our identity. The column features author conversations and interviews, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and assorted other forms.

Leaving Her by Deborah Pintonelli 12 min
The Essential Reach of a Long Term Memory: Something of an Elegy
by Paul G. Zolbrod
20 min
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, and sometimes I don't
by DeVan Burton
6 min

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General Fiction

DON'T GIVE UP! by Donald Collins 4 min
Linden Tea by Andrew Stancek 5 min
Red Inside by Lara Alonso Corona 3 min
This is not for sale by Amy Foster Myer 8 min
Little Meanie by Cara Dempsey 3 min
Conjecture by Nancy Hightower 1 min
On the House by L.L. Madrid 3 min
Georgia Men by Will Yarbrough 1 min
Now What by Calder Lorenz 3 min
Garden by Heather Heyns 2 min
Farm's Yield by Molia Dumbleton 12 min
Cherish the Muffin Top by Gregory J. Wolos 18 min
The Thalamus by Tantra Bensko 2 min
Three Toronto Stories by Michael Lafontaine 4 min
Polycephalic Snake by Tantra Bensko 4 min
The Accordion by Mike Mulvey 17 min
Cat People by Tantra Bensko 3 min
Maybe is a word by Alex Willson 13 min
Twine by Rob Pierce 5 min
The Song of Cocytus by Vincent Anioke [TEEN SPIRIT] 3 min

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General Poetry

Hall Of Cost by Cassandra Dallett 3 min
A Flatbush Poem by Joseph Wade 3 min
Cutter & Two Other Poems by Jennifer E. Hudgens 3 min
Two Poems by Nathaniel Sverlow 2 min
A Word, Please. by Christina Dendy 1 min
Fixation & Force the Deep Breath by Charlotte Hamrick 1 min
DOSTOYEVSKY & Two Other Poems by John Raffetto 2 min
Land(Scapes) & Two Other Poems by Lucia Pasquale 2 min
MOSAICS AND RAIN LADEN LOVE SONGS by Brian Michael Barbeito 7 min
The Seussian American Dream by Will Jeffries [TEEN SPIRIT] 2 min
epiphanies of the vixens: their crimes of passion by Peter Marra [STAFF] 2 min