Literary Orphans

ISSUE15: Ingrid

The Tavern Lantern

Letter from the Editor 15 3 min
BLACK THOUGHT: African American Writer ISSUE
--SUBMISSIONS Deadline extended!
1 min
Note on Ingrid Bergman by Will Viharo 5 min
Forever. In an Instant. by Danny Gardner 25 min
My Life With The Bat Children by Thaddeus Gunn 14 min
by Ray Nessly
4 min
Interview with Nathaniel Tower, Editor & Founder of Bartleby Snopes 7 min
A Conversation with Tara Abrahams 6 min
WRITE TO BE: Seattle, AWP 2014 6 min
Review [and Interview!] with Poet Shelly Taylor re: Lions, Remonstrance 7 min
Tantra Bensko Reviews: Green Lights by Kyle Muntz 6 min

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Featured Art

Marta Bevacqua – Artist Profile 1 min
Alphan Yýlmazmaden – Artist Profile 1 min
Seamus Travers – Artist Profile 1 min

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Anna March’s Foundlings
It's been my extraordinary pleasure to launch and curate the Foundlings section here at Literary Orphans this past year. I'm grateful to Mike Joyce and the whole LO crew. Time pressures are dragging me away, but I'm proud to have recruited Anna Short to take over the editorial helm of Foundlings. She will begin with the next issue and I know she will leave an indelible stamp of her own. I look forward to continuing to serve LO as a member of its advisory board and editor-at-large. Thanks to all of the writers who were generous enough to share their work with me in this space. Please do keep in touch with me at Hope you enjoy this final edition of Anna March's Foundlings, and please do come back for Anna Short's Foundlings.

Editor's Note: Anna March's Foundlings was a column that ran in each issue of Literary Orphans Journal for one year; an exploration of who we are as we discover ourselves. It is an ongoing look at aspects of our identity. The column features author conversations and interviews, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and assorted other forms. Please click this link to learn more about it! We're excited to see Anna Short's takeover of it!

The Significance of Skin by Ashley C. Ford 4 min
Excerpted from “Visitation Rights,”
from Helen on 86th Street and Other Stories
by Wendi Harris Kaufman
8 min
CHAPTER 1 by Marie Myung-Ok Lee 11 min
Enough by Katie Oldaker 6 min
Two Poems by Patricia Jabbeh Wesley 2 min
Why go to Pittsburgh by Zoe Zolbrod 1 min

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General Fiction

All That’s Left by Cyn Vargas 5 min
3 from Dear Petrov Collection by Susan Tepper 2 min
Like a Son’s Funeral by Nathaniel Tower 4 min
Page 5 by Jon Beight 2 min
Her Quintessence and the Rate of my Expansion by Isabelle Correa 4 min
Suzanne Take ‘em Down by Ruben Rodriguez 2 min
Your Map by Natalie Lund 4 min
Bud’s Warehouse by Alex Pruteanu 2 min
Young Male Writers by Andrea Glenn [TEEN SPIRIT] 4 min
The Meantime by Isaac Boone Davis 15 min
Just So You Know by Ann Hillesland 1 min
The Prince by Anthony J. Mohr 15 min
Restored by Bradley Sides 5 min
Keep The Faith by Jane Ratcliffe 14 min
One Eye Open by Marybeth Rua-Larsen 1 min
LAIKA by Matthew Guerruckey 11 min
The Question by Abigail Sheaffer 17 min
You’re (not) Monet by Matthew R. Laurion 20 min
A Young Girl Decides to Stay Home by Tammy Lynne Stoner 5 min
ESCAPE FROM THRILLVILLE by Will “the Thrill” Viharo [BRUCE] 11 min
Cascadia by Stephen V. Ramey 4 min
The One Who Calls You John by Martina Young 2 min

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General Poetry

5 Untitled Poems by Simon Perchik 2 min
Three Poems by Steffi Lang 1 min
Three Poems by Wes Bishop 2 min
When We Were Us by B. Lynn Carter 2 min
Epistle to a Changeling by Cal Freeman 1 min
Little Red 2.0 by Lucy Logsdon 1 min
Golden Day by René Ostberg 1 min
Three Poems by RT Castleberry 2 min
Perpetual Motion Machine by Mike Moeller 4 min
Three Poems by Ian Forsyth 12 min
Mantra For a Naked Assassin by Peter Marra [STAFF] 2 min